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More about the project

Our company Luka Residential represents a unique concept of increasing the level of rental housing in the Czech Republic. From the beginning, we try to offer our clients more than is the standard today.

Luka Living is an original and revolutionary project of the 21st century. Modern rental housing with hotel-type services in fully equipped apartments is a completely unique idea in Central Europe.

The Luka Living complex is the most modern residential building in the Czech Republic with 15 above-ground and 2 underground parking levels. It is an extremely economical building in energy standard A. All apartments are equipped with air and hot water recuperation including home automation systems. In the corridors, residents have a waste disposal chutes, there is reception, private wellness, security, cleaning service…

It is also a multifunctional building. Housing is directly neighbouring the shopping center. Clients have at their disposal not only a number of shops and services, but also restaurants and fitness facilities.

The specificity of the project is the connection of the complex with the Luka metro station with „dry foot". It is a unique residential area with comprehensive additional services.

We are affordable to everyone. Welcome to Luka Living!

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