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We're ECO

Luka Living is easy on the environment and on your wallet.


Luka Living is also unique with its low-energy standard – the project is labelled with A energy efficiency , which considering its size makes it absolutely unique in the Czech Republic. In practice this means a significant reduction in energy demands and simultaneously also reduction of costs for energy, which will be welcomed by each of our tenants.

And where there are low energy demands, there is also a low impact on the environment. We place major emphasis on the environment in Luka Living. We make recycling easy with recycling bins on each floor.

The project is also equipped with heat recuperation, thanks to which a pleasant temperature in the residential units in colder months is ensured to a great extent by heat from waste air, which would ordinarily be released from the residential unit (such as from the shower, from cooking).

We want to show people that nowadays it is necessary to use the most modern available construction technology and materials, which will make it possible to live comfortably and pleasantly with only a minimal negative impact on the world around us. And we would also like to be inspired, because there are countless ways to conserve the environment. These include, for example, the use of public transport, and after all the underground station is located directly in front of our building.

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