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More about the project

Our company Luka Residential presents a clear concept of how and in what direction rental housing in the Czech Republic should be further developer.

We will offer our clients more than what is usual these days and more than what they expect. We aim to show them how they can live in a way that tenants themselves did not think of before.

At the core of the current rental housing in Prague are blocks of flats and Ikea furnishing (alternatively handed-down furniture), or old flats with zero energy efficiency and no elevator.

We aim to be a leader in new trends in housing. We are looking for inspiration, among other places, in Western countries, where this field is much more developed and where 50% of population occupy rented flats.

This is why in the offer of Luka Living our clients will find quiet flats, medical mattresses, bidets, fireplaces, garages with charging stations for electric cars, or vehicle entrance that uses scanning of plate numbers. This is also why our flats are build in the standard of the “A” level of Energy Performance Certificate (PENB). You can monitor energy consumption using a tablet, waste is recycled and collected.

Our vision is thus applicable to both rented and owned flats.

Simply put, this is a revolution in housing!

Moreover, we keep developing. We have new projects coming up, our clients can choose the “Living apartments” option and use our reception, maintenance and cleaning and other services, no matter which of our buildings they live in.

Another key idea in our concept is connected to a general benefit innate to rental housing as opposed to house ownership. The benefit is: Freedom. Our motto is: Live freely without commitment! Our economic calculations show that if you decide to postpone a purchase of a flat for three years and you rent an apartment in the meantime, it does not damage you financially at all. Plus, you get the freedom to decide about your housing, you are not committed to one place or to banks, and in three years you will purchase, after a possibly more thought-out decision, a flat that is three years younger.

We believe that rental housing can be an adequate alternative to house/flat ownership.

And we aim to show that clients will find in our flats stylish and trendy housing, quality and accessories, which might even surprise you! Compare the parameters of our flats with competition, we are convinced you will not be able to find a match.

And finally: We are affordable!

We made the biggest effort possible to bring you a unique product that we can be proud of and that will be pleasure to offer to you!

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